Hold on, we have a game changer…

The guy (or guys) over at Weaponsman have a great post about the turn of events in the recent Ricin mailings.  The drive by media jumped all over the “pro gun” nutjob sending Ricin but it turns out that his moonbat acress wife did the whole thing to set him up.  So it wasn’t a freedom loving patriot but an anti-gun moonbat.  Brilliant, just brilliant.  Who didn’t see THIS coming.  Think about the Occupy <fill in the blank> crowd, they are vile creatures with a violent propensity to do nothing useful with their energy.

Read the excellent post here – http://weaponsman.com/?p=9018.  This is a new site added to my daily reading feeds.

E. W. Jackson likes Liberty

If elected to the office of Lt. Governor in VA, E.W. Jackson will be a beacon of freedom.  He likes guns and people who own guns.  Watch his speech and enjoy.  We need more people like E.W. Jackson.  I was not shocked to learn that among his many accomplishments he is a Marine.

Semper Fi E.W.

Disarming Realities: As Gun Sales Soar, Gun Crimes Plummet

Here’s a great article that begins with the words “A couple of new studies reveal the gun-control hypesters’ worst nightmare…more people are buying firearms, while firearm-related homicides and suicides are steadily diminishing.”

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  This should make even the most moderate moonbat experience cranial pressure that borders on explosion.

Here’s a great read:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2013/05/14/disarming-realities-as-gun-sales-soar-gun-crimes-plummet/

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One of the great lines in the article:  “Firearms sellers can thank the gun-control legislation lobbies for much of this business windfall.”

And all God’s children say “A-men”.


Lessons from History

Technically, the “school” part of this maybe tenuous at best but then again who is to say the Indians (I’m sorry, Native Americans) had buildings for school.  School could have been 20 children in a circle in a field learning things like language, culture, useful lifeskills like hunting and gathering, etc.

The point remains that under disarmament you subject yourself to the will of those with guns.  Now it certainly was “safe” to have Indians with no guns.  It was safe for those seeking to displace the Indians from their land.  Of course to the gun bigots the eradication of personal firearms is their priority which is like preventing drunk driving by targeting sober drivers.  Again, the mindset of the mentally deranged anti-gun people is one of a focus that attacks self-reliance.

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Who needs High Cap Magazines?

It’s ironic that the folks (moonbats) who persistently describe themselves as freedom lovers spend the bulk of their time legislating (or supporting legislation through hysteria) our lives into a corner.  The new rally cry of the North American Leftist Moonbat is that “you don’t need THAT many rounds…”  Remember these are the same folks who rallied against SUVs for years because the bumper height didn’t match that of their idea of an average car.  You don’t need THAT SUV, you should cut back a little, don’t drive in the snow, stay home and count the blessings we bestow upon your lives with our gracious invitation to live on our intellectual plantation.

Here’s a chilling video about limited capacity handgun magazines.  The video also demonstrates that an AR-15 with a couple of 30 round magazines would come in REAL handy.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7F1nPSNnaBo

The chapter in The Moonbat’s Guide To Running the Lives of the Little People that covers Gun Bigotry also talks about hatred for firearms magazines that give “excessive firepower”.

Rule of thumb, when someone comes to kill you and your family to fuel a drug habit, you simply cannot have enough firepower.  The same moonbats who create loopholes for violent predators to walk about call any way you may purchase a gun a loophole.  I know, it’s maddening.  How horrible it must be to have such mental deficiencies that you blame guns and forget about the feral savages…

The Wrong Guy

Glock has some good videos, this is one of them.

The short video helps to counter the myth that regular people cannot use guns to defend themselves.

Here’s another video, same premise, only this time the “victim” pulls the trigger.

And 3…..2……..1…… cue the moonbat response that would prefer that a women be strangled with her panties and raped rather than her attacker receiving 3 rounds.  After all, you can’t go taking the law into your own hands.  I’ve never figured out how the gun bigots can claim that self-defense is some how taking the law into your own hands.  Oh that’s right, mentally diseased people don’t employ logic or reason.  My bad.

Enforcement of the Brady Act 2010

I stopped by PAFOA.org and found a great post on Enforcement of the Brady Act in 2010.

The moonbats are clamoring about sensible expansions of background checks and how “sensible expanded background checks” will not be a registry.  Yet, there are very minimal prosecutions of those “breaking the law”.  Sounds like a registry to me.

Here’s some data from the report that I lifted from the PAFOA post which comes from the report:

Backgound Checks conducted by the FBI: 6,037,394
Background checks denied: 72,659 1.2%

So we have seventy two thousand denials which would lead a reasonable person to believe that there are seventy two thousand crimes committed.  Of these seventy two thousand denials there were a whopping 62 referred to U.S. Attorneys.  72,000 denials and 62 is the number of prosecutions.

Expanding background checks will preclude even more good people from having guns.  In 2010 72,597 transactions were denied when good people were trying to buy a gun.  If they were other than good people I suspect the prosecutions would by way higher.  Let’s fix the current system, we’re keeping good people from having guns.  Let’s not expand upon something that isn’t working, and by not working I mean violating the Constitution.



Ammo Shortages: More Than Simple Supply and Demand?

It’s tough to buy ammunition right now.  The feeding frenzy has cleaned many store shelves.  There are many who do not stock ammo (heaven forbid they be accused of hoarding or amassing an arsenal) and now they are buying everything they can find (even for firearms that they do not own).

Bob Adelmann wrote a great article explaining the economic principles (specifically supply chain bottlenecking) while dispelling the myths that ammo is being purchased to enact an economic barrier to purchase.


If you are a regular shooter (or a trainer) and you didn’t stock enough ammo for the next couple of years, then you will either pay a premium (if you can find ammunition at all) or you will not have ammunition to shoot.

This of course makes the moonbats giddy as they understand neither free market economics nor the gun culture.  They just know that gun people are having a difficult time.  The heart and soul of moonbattery is in fact the spread of misery.

This will right itself, it just takes time.

Ice T: I’ll give up my guns when everybody else does

In the words of the great philosopher Ice T, “the right to bear arms is the last form of defense against tyranny.”


Tyranny comes in many forms.  From the treason of gun control to the catch and release justice system that unleashes feral savages upon society.  It takes a good person with a gun to stop an evil person (with a gun, a knife, a brick, a bat, or a tire iron).

The Second Amendment is not about hunting.  When the 2A was written hunting was a given.  We hear the moonbats call for “sensible” controls and laws.  The Second Amendment protects us from the moonbats who would leave us defenseless against the evil.  That’s the only sensible approach.

Free men own guns, slaves do not.  And don’t forget, gun control was conceived by those wishing to prevent the freed slaves from remaining free.  Gun control is racist, treasonous, and just plain dumb.

We need feral savage control.  And moonbat control.  The two pair nicely to chip away at personal freedom and liberty.